Friday, December 3, 2010

The Berg's review of Games Index

Here is a complete list of games reviewed in BROG.

Hopefully I will start posting them (one by one) in order of their appearance . . . unless there is any one special you want to see. Ill see if I can get some Scott Johnson visuals thrown in too . . .         


GAME                                          DESIGNER                          PUBLISHER                               ISSUE                                   REVIEWER
"Little Macs" 1991                  Numerous                             Unspeakable                              2                                             R. Berg
"Little Macs" 1992                  Even More                           In Hiding                                    8                                             R. Berg
"Little Macs" 1993                  Burke & Hare                      Body Snatch-o-rama                13                                          R. Berg                                       
"Little Macs" 1994                  Slugs, Inc.                           Friends of Slugs                        17                                          R. Berg                                       
"Little Macs" 1995                  America’s Least Wanted                                        Crap-o-matic, Inc.            21                                                 R. Berg                                
"Little Macs" 1996                  A Horde of Miscreants     Non-vanity Press                     25                                          R. Berg                                       
"Little Macs" 1997                  Watch Law & Order           No Admissions                         27                                          R. Berg                                       
12 O’Clock High                      G. W. Martin                      Wild West Publications          16                                          S. Johnson
1807: Eagle Turns East           Kevin Zucker                      Clash of Arms                           16                                          M. Herman
1863                                            R.Berg & R. Markham     GMT                                             2                                             R. Kasten
1914, Glory’s End                   Ted  Raicer                           XTR/Command #29                 15                                          J. Lazauskas
1918                                            Ted Racier                            Command #16 [XTR]              4                                             R. Berg
A Bold Stroke                            Jack Radey                          Spearhead Games                      21                                          R. Berg
A Famous Victory                    Richard Berg                       MiH                                              17                                          C. Vasey
Achtung-Spitfire!                     J.D. Webster                       Clash of Arms                           24                                          S. Johnson
Across 5 Aprils                         Eric Smith                           Victory                                        7                                             R. Berg
Across the Potomac                 Ben Knight                         XTR/Command #30                 15                                          R. Berg
Advanced Squad Leader            D. Greenwood, et al.         Avalon Hill                                4                                             R. Kasten
Advanced Third Reich             Harper, et al.                       Avalon Hill                                6                                             R. Roberts
Africa, 1880                              Francis Pacherie                Tilsit/Clash                               26                                          R. Berg
Africa/Asia/Planes Aflame    Harry Rowland                   ADG                                             12                                          W. Jaffe, Sr.
Afrika                                          Dean Essig                          The Gamers                                10                                          R. Berg
Age of Chivalry                        Rob Markham                    3W                                                8                                             R. Berg
Age of Explorarion                  Tom Lehman                       TimJim Games                          15                                          R. Berg
Age of Renaissance                 Jared Scarborough             Avalon Hill                                24                                          R. Berg
Age of Sail [c]                          Bunch of People                Talonsoft                                    24                                          M Siggins                                 
Aide-de-Camp                            Scott Hamilton                  HPS Simulations                      10                                          K. Turner
Alexander at Tyre                     Dave Chapel                       Thunderhaven                            12                                          M. Herman
Alexandria                                  Bill Banks                           GameFix #1                               15                                          R. Berg
Alexandria 1801                       J.L. Arcon                           SimTac (Spain)                         24                                          R. Berg
All Quiet… Western Front?   Ted Raicer                            MiH                                              25                                          Gruber & Berg
Ancients I                                   Bill Banks                           3W                                                7                                             G. Pearson
Antietam                                     Jon Southard                       Command #22 [XTR]              9                                             R. Berg
Antietam Campaign                CharlesDiamond                Decision/Overlord                   20                                          R. Berg
Arctic Storm                              David Ritchie                     GMT                                             7                                             J. Burtt
Ardennes                                     Dean Essig                          The Gamers                                14                                          C. Gruber
Army Group Center                  Masahiro Yamazki            3W                                                11                                          C. Gruber
Arnhem                                       Nicolas Stratigos              Vae Victis #13                          25                                          D. Fox
Arriba Espana                            Brian Train                          Micrograme Coop                    27                                          C. Vasey
Assassin                                     Chris Bayless                     Avalon Hill                                13                                          R. Berg
Attila, Scourge of God            Roger Sandall                     XTR/Command #47                 28                                          C. Gruber
Austerlitz                                    Dave Powell                        The Gamers                                12                                          R. Berg
Avalanche                                  Brian Knipple                    Avalanche Press                       16                                          D. Fox
Back to Iraq                                Dorlon Ellito                      XTR                                              13                                          S. Johnson
Balkan Hell                                Ty Bomba                            XTR/Command#?                     21                                          D. Fox
Barbarians                                  Keith Poulter                      KP Games                                   17                                          C. Gruber
Barbarossa: ASG                      Vance von Borries            GMT                                             27                                          P. McCord
Bastogne or Bust                      Chester Hendrix                 Terran Games                             23                                          J. Leggat
Bastognre                                   Fresno-type Guys              FGA                                              6                                             A. Maly
Battle for Dresden, 1813        Mark Hinkle                       NE Simulations                         20                                          R. Berg
Battle for North Africa            Richard Berg                       GMT                                             25                                          T. Raicer
Battleground: Gettburg  [c]  Tiller and Rose                   Talonsoft                                    22                                          M. Herman
Battles of Waterloo                 Richard Berg                       GMT                                             16                                          J. Burtt
Berlin '45                                   John Desch                         XTR                                              7                                             C. Gruber
Black Day… German Army   Ulrich Blennemann          JPG/Pacific Rim                       25                                          R. Berg
Black Wednesday                     David Friedrichs                The Gamers                                19                                          C. Gruber
Blitzkrieg 1940                        Ty Bomba                            XTR/Command #42                 25                                          R. Berg
Blitzkrieg in the South           Vance von Borries            3W                                                11                                          G. Pearson
Blood & Iron                             Mike Bennighof                Pacific Rim                                14                                          J. Cobb
Blood & Iron                             Paul Dangel                         Command #21 [XTR]              8                                             R. Berg
Blood & Iron I                           Rob Markham                    3W                                                8                                             R. Berg
Blood & Thunder                      Frank Chadwick                 GDW                                            11                                          B. Tallen
Blood on the Snow                  Mike Bennighof                Avalanche Press                       19                                          J. Polonka
Blood on the Tigris                 Perry Moore                        Decision/S&T #176                21                                          R. Berg
Bloodiest Day                           Peter Perla                           Spearhead Games                      19                                          R. Berg
Bloody Kasserine                     Frank Chadwick                 GDW                                            5                                             R. Berg
Bloody Roads South                Jim Epperson                     The Gamers                                7                                             R. Berg
Bobby Lee                                  Tom Dalgliesh                   Columbia                                    11                                          M. Herman
Bodyguard/Overlord                John Prados                        Spearhead                                   15, 18                                   T. Coleman
Borodino                                    Brien Miller                        Games USA                                15                                          R. Berg
Borodino ‘41                             Jack Radey                          Clash of Arms                           18                                          C. Gruber
Breakout: Normandy               Greenwood/Stahler           Avalon Hill                                12                                          D. Fox
Britain Stands Alone               Jim Werbaneth                   GMT                                             17                                          R. Berg
Brother vs Brother                   Mike Crane                         FGA                                              3, 12                                     R. Berg
Budapest ‘45                              John Desch                         XTR/Command #31                 16                                          R. Berg
Buena Vista                                Richard Pfost                      XTR/Command #40                 25                                          R. Berg
Buena Vista                                Roger Miller                       5th Column                                7                                             R. Berg
Bunker Hill                                William Marsh                   XTR/Command #32                 17                                          R. Berg
By Force of Arms                     Ray Smith                           Triumph Game Co.                   19                                          R. Berg
Campaign for Gaudalcanal     Michael Smith                   3W                                                16                                          R. Berg
Campaign to Stalingrad         Mark Simonitch                Rhino                                          6                                             R. Berg
Campaigns/ Fredrick the G    Rob Markham                    3W                                                12                                          R. Berg
Campaigns/Civil War             Erich Faust                          3W                                                5                                             R. Berg
Case Green                                 John Desch                         S&T #152 [Decision]              5                                             R. Berg
Chaco War                                  Bruce Farceau                      Command #12 [XTR]              1                                             R. Berg
Champ de Bataille  Mrtin/Mnnier/Stratigos       Vae Victis #9                      24                                                 C. Gruber
Charlemagne                             Joe Miranda                        Decision/S&T #189                28                                          P. Stein
Chosin                                        Ted Carlson                         Pacific Rim                                20                                          D. Thorpe
Civil War Classics I                Crane and Shrum                FGA                                              1                                             R. Berg
Clash of Eagles                         Arsuffi & Fedele                 Camelot games                         27                                          M. Gallo
Clontarf                                      Adrian McGrath                 S&T #162 [Decision]              11                                          C. Gruber
Close Action                             Mark Campbell                  Clash of Arms                           28                                          M. Lemick
Close Combat [c]                    Keith Zabalaoui                 Atomic Games                           24                                          D. Thorpe
Close Combat: Bridge-Far[c]No credit                            Microsoft Games                      28                                          D. Fox
Con Game                                   Greg Porter                          Blacksburg Tactical                 7                                             R. Berg
Cortés                                          Dean Webb                          Command #20 [XTR]              8                                             R. Berg
Credo                                           Vhris Gidlow                      Chaosium                                   13                                          J. Thompson
Crisis 2000                                Joe Miranda                        GameFix #?                                16                                          S. Johnson
Crisis: Korea 1995                  Gene Billingsley               GMT                                             9                                             C. Gruber
Cropredy Bridge                       Michael Grace                    S&T #148 [Decision]              3                                             R. Berg
Crossbows and Cannon          Rob Markham                    3W                                                5                                             C. Vasey
Crusader                                      Dean Essig                          The Gamers                                26                                          R. Berg
Crusades Quad                            Rob Markham                    3W                                                5                                             R. Berg
Czechoslovakia '38                 Peter Gryner                        Command #24 [XTR]              11                                          S. Johnson
D-Day                                          Craig Taylor                       Avalon Hill                                2                                             R. Berg
DAK                                             Dean Essig                          The Gamers                                27                                          C. Gruber
Damn the Torpedoes                John Bohrer                        Winsome Games                       21                                          R. Berg
Decision in France                   Mark Simonitch                Rhino Games                             14                                          G. Pearson
Der Kessel                                  Gary Graber                         One Small Step                         27                                          S. Johnson
Distant Seas                               Vernon P. Rood                 Distant Seas Pub Co.               12                                          R. Berg
Dixie                                            Tom Dalgliesh                   Columbia                                    16                                          R. Berg
Don’t Give Up the Ship          Ron Toelke                         Chatham Hill Games               23                                          R. Berg
Eagle & the Sun                        Shrum & Crane                   FGA                                              6, 12                                     B. Schweitzer
Eagles                                          Tom Dalgliesh                   Columbia                                    21                                          R. Berg
East Front [c]                           Jim Rose                              Talonsoft                                    28                                          R. Kasten                                   
Eastfront                                     Dalgliesh/Besinque          Columbia                                    4                                             M. Pitcavage
Eastwall                                      John Desch                         MiH                                              27                                          C. Gruber
Echelons of Fury/Fire             Scot Hunt                             Medalion Simulations            18                                          S. Johnson
Eighth Air Force                       Dan Verssen                        GMT                                             19                                          S/ Johnson
Embrace an Angry Wind         Dean Essig                          The Gamers                                7                                             R. Berg
Emperor’s First Battles          Joe Miranda                        Decision/Overlord                   21                                          R. Berg
Empire of the Rising Sun       Bruce Harper, et al.           Avalon Hill                                20                                          M. Olson
Empires at War                          Joe Miranda                        Decision                                     12                                          R. Berg
End of Empire                            Bill Marsh                           XTR/Command #46                 27                                          R. Berg
Enemy at the Gates                  Dean Essig                          The Gamers                                15                                          M. Herman
Europa Universalis                  Phillipe Tibaut                   Azure Wish                                 17                                          R. Berg
Fall of Rome                              Joe Miranda                        Decision/S&T #181                25                                          C. Gruber
Fatal Alliances                          Dave Cox                             Canadian Wargame Group      12                                          G. Quick
Fateful Lightning                     Chris Perello                      XTR                                              16                                          P. Perla
Fields of Glory                          Richard H. Berg                 MiH                                              23                                          D. L. Creager
First Afghan War                      Joe Miranda                        Decision/S&T #179                24                                          R. Berg
First Arab-Israeli War             Joe Miranda                        Decision/S&T #185                26                                          R. Berg
Flashpoint: Golan                   Mark Herman                      Victory                                        4                                             R. Berg
Flowers of the Forest              CharlesVasey                     Chas. Vasey                               23                                          R. Berg
Fontenoy, 1745                       Manceaux and Stratigos                                     Vae Victis #6                      21                                                 M. Guenette
Forgotten War                           John Desch                         Decision                                     25                                          J. Burtt
Four Battles/Ancient Wrld     L.Baggett and W.Grace                                      Decision                              4                                                    R. Berg
Fox One                                      Anderson & Compton      One Small Step                         24                                          S. Johnson
Franco-Prussian War               Joe Miranda                        S&T #150 [Decision]              4                                             R. Berg
Friedland                                     Aaron Monroe                    Games USA                                19                                          M. Arnsdorf
Friedland                                     Joe Miranda                        S&T #151 [Decision]              5                                             R. Berg
Fury on the Champlain           John Farewell                     3W                                                23                                          D. Schueler
Game Auction                            Rob Markham                    MD Co.                                       26                                          R. Berg
Gazala                                          Ty Bomba                            XTR/Command #34                 19                                          R. Berg
GD ‘40                                         Wig Graves                         The Gamers                                13                                          J. Polonka
Geronimo                                   Richard Berg                       Avalon Hill                                19                                          B. Schorzman
Gettysburg: 3 Days in July    Doug Speer                          Speerit Strategy Games          22                                          W. Ramsay
Give Me Liberty                       Rob Markham                    3W                                                7                                             R. Berg
Glory                                           Richard Berg                       GMT                                             22                                          M. Lemick
Grandes Strategies                   J. J. Petit                             Jeux Descartes                           7                                             R. Berg
Great Battles of J. Caesar       Herman and Berg               GMT                                             14                                          J. Walker
Great Battles/Alex (Deluxe)  Herman and Berg               GMT                                             17                                          T. Kutta
Great War at Sea                        Mike Bennighof                Avalanche Press                       23                                          U. Blennemann
Great War in Europe                 Ted Raicer                            XTR/Command #33                 18                                          R. Berg
Great War in the Near East     Ted Raicer                            XTR/Command #38                 24                                          D. Fox
Grt Batt Alex/Hannibal [c]  Herman/Berg/Billngsly       I-Magic                                28                                                 K. McCarty
Guderian's Blitzkrieg              Dean Essig                          The Gamers                                7                                             C. Gruber
Guerilla                                       Neal Schlaffer                     Avalon Hill                                15                                          R. Berg
Hannibal                                     Mark Simonitch                Avalon Hill                                22                                          R. Berg
Hell Before Night                     Chris Perello                      XTR/Command #42                 26                                          C. Gruber
Here Come the Rebels             Joe Balkoski                      Avalon Hill                                9                                             C. Gruber                                   
High Seas                                   Setser and Wagner             DRSG                                           10                                          R. Berg
History of the World               Stephen Kendall                Avalon Hill                                11                                          A. Maly
Hoorah!                                       Rob Markham                    XTR/Command #39                 24                                          C. Gruber
Hube’s Pocket                           Dave Friedrich                    The Gamers                                23                                          M. Arnsdorf
Hunters from the Sky              Graves and Essig               The Gamers                                17                                          S. Johnson
I Am Spartacus!                         Mike Markowitz                Command #15 [XTR]              4                                             R. Berg
IDF                                               James Day                           Avalon Hill                                10                                          J. Alsen
Invasion: Norway                    Kevin Boylanb                  GMT                                             21                                          G. Pearson
Ironbottom Sound II                Jack Greene                         MiH                                              28                                          S. Johnson
Ironsides                                     Rob Markham                    3W                                                14                                          R. Berg
Jena                                              Ed Wimble                           Clash of Arms                           25                                          P. Perla
Jubilee Dieppe                          William Adams                  Interphase Games                     7                                             R. Berg
Kasserine                                    FGA Miscreants                 FGA                                              6                                             A. Maly
Kestenga                                     Mike Benninghof             Pacific Rim                                10                                          R. Berg
King’s War                                 Charles Vasey                    Clash of Arms                           20                                          R. Berg                                       
Kolin                                           Paul Dangel                         Clash of Arms                           14                                          R. Berg
Krieg                                            Steve Kosakowski            Decision                                     23                                          C. Gruber
L'Armée du Nord                        Ed Wimble                           Clash of Arms                           10                                          R. Berg
La Bat. de Corunna-Espgnl    Ed Wimble                           Clash of Arms                           19                                          M. Herman
La Bataille de Friedland          Didier Rouy                         Azure Wish                                 25                                          Bey & Brandsma
La Bataille/Ligny  Matson/Spors/Wimble         Clash of Arms                    2                                                    R. Berg
La Bataille/Marne                    J. J. Petit                             Jeux Descartes                           7                                             R. Berg
La Bataille/Mt. St. Jean         Ed Wimble                           Clash of Arms                           9                                             R. Berg
La Bataille/Quatre Bras  Matson/Spors/Wimble         Clash of Arms                    2                                                    R. Berg
La Batalla del Ebro                   Farré and Ruiz                     Vae Victis (Spain)                    26                                          D. Fox
La Revolution Français          Lots of Folks                      Azure Wish                                 26                                          R. Berg
Landships                                   Perry Moore                        Clash of Arms                           15                                          J. Polonka
Last Battles: E.Prussia ‘45    Gary Helmer                        CoSi Games                               18                                          D. Fox
Last Crusade                               John Hopler                        Chameleon Eclectic                 21                                          R. Berg
Lee Takes Command                Selkirk & MacFarlane      Clash of Arms                           11                                          K. Turner
Legend Begins                          Mark Simonitch                Rhino                                          2                                             R. Berg
Legend … Lost Dutchman      Randy Morehead                Simulation Workshop            19                                          R. Berg
Leros                                            David Friedrichs                The Gamers                                22                                          C. Gruber
Leuthen                                       Paul Dangel                         Clash of Arms                           27                                          D. Fox
Leyte:1944                                Brian Knipple                    Avalanche Press                       16                                          R. Berg
Like Lions They Fought         Dennis Bishop                   XTR/Command #28                 14                                          C. Gruber
Lion of the North                     Berg and Herman               GMT                                             11                                          D. Powell
London’s Burning                    Knight & Simonitch        Avalon Hill                                21                                          S. Johnson
Lords of Creation                     Martin Wallace                  Warfrog                                       13                                          B. Jaffe
Lords of the Renaissance       Phil Eklund                         Sierra Madre Game Co.           22                                          M. Lemick
Lords of the Sierra Madre       Phil Eklund                         Decision/Sierra Madre            21                                          R. Bereg
Lords of the Sierra Madre       Phil Eklund                         Sierra Madre Co.                       7                                             R. Berg
Los Arapiles                              J.L. Arcon                           SimTac (Spain)                         19                                          R. Berg
Lost Victory                              Dave Ritchie                       GMT                                             16                                          C. Gruber
MacArthur’s War                      Kerry Anderson                  Microgame Co-op                    27                                          R. Simon
Maharaja                                     Craig Sandercock              Avalon Hill                                15                                          R. Berg
Manhattan                                  Andreas Seyfarth               Mayfair Games                          23                                          R. Berg
Marengo                                     Dave Powell                        The Gamers                                20                                          C. Gruber
Mason-Dixon                            Chris Perello                      XTR/Command #?                    21                                          R. Berg
Matanikau                                  Sam Simons                        The Gamers                                13                                          M. Herman
Middle Earth                              Coleman Charlton            ICE                                               21                                          M. Lemick
Middle, Pacific Passage          Nalle and Olson                 Ragnarok                                    12                                          T. Rooker
Modern Art                                 Reiner Knizia                     Mayfair Games                          23                                          R. Berg
Montcalm & Wolfe                  Rob Markham                    MD Games                                  27                                          R. Berg
Moscow Option                        Ty Bomba                            XTR/Command #?                    22                                          S. Johnson
Mukden                                       Ron Bell                              XTR/Command #?                    22                                          R. Berg
Mustangs                                    Craig Taylor                       Avalon Hill                                10                                          S. Johnson
Napoleon on the Danube        Mark Hinkle                       New England Simulations      7                                             P. Dangel
Napoleon's First Battles        Joe Miranda                        Decision                                     9                                             Berg & Wimble
Napoleon's Later Battles        Keith Poulter                      3W                                                4                                             R. Berg
No Better Place to Die             Dave Powell                        The Gamers                                17                                          C. Gruber
Omaha                                         Powell and Essig               The Gamers                                4                                             D. Fox
Operation Apocalypse            Phillipe Richardot            Vae Victis #10                          24                                          D. Fox
Operation Cannibal                 Brian Knipple                    Avalanche Press                       26                                          P. Perla
Operation Crusader                  Crane & Shrum                   FGA                                              1                                             R. Berg
Operation Dragon Rouge       Randy Morehead                Simulation Workshop            19                                          R. Berg
Operation Felix                        Chris Cummins                  S&T #153 [Decision]              6                                             R. Berg
Operation Husky                      Steve Bohn                         Steve Bohn Games                   23                                          M. Lemick
Operation Mercury                   v. Borries/Billingsley     GMT                                             15                                          S. Johnson
Over the Reich                          J. D. Webster                      Clash of Arms                           16                                          D. Shueler
Pacific War Classics                Crane & Shrum                   FGA                                              2                                             P. Dangel
Peleponnesian War                  Mark Herman                      Victory                                        3                                             R. Swan
Peninsula Italica                       Got Me!                                Camelot games                         27                                          B. Einhorn                                
Perryville                                   Dave Powell                        The Gamers                                7                                             R. Berg
Phaseline: Smash                     Frank Chadwick                 GDW                                            8, 12                                     S. Johnson
Piercing the Reich                   Dirk Blennemann              MiH                                              19                                          D. Fox
Pinnacle of Victory                 Richard Berg                       Clash of Arms                           5                                             J. Leggatt
Pirateer                                        Scott Peterson                    Mendocino Game Co               19                                          R. Berg
Plague!                                        Stephen Barsky                 B&B Productions                     8                                             Berg and Rats
Poland '39                                  Ty Bomba                            XTR                                              7                                             C. Gruber
Popes & Princes                       Nalle, Bucker, Olson        Ragnarok                                    12                                          J. Cobb
Port Arthur                                 Ron Bell                              Command #19 [XTR]              8                                             R. Berg
Pr. Ryan’s Star Marines         Mark McLaughlin             Avalon Hill                                26                                          R. Berg
Prelude to Disaster                   Schettler/Robinette          Clash of Arms                           5                                             H. Lowood
Proud Monster                           Ty Bomba                            XTR/Command #27                 14                                          R. Berg
Race for Space                           Rob Markham                    MD Games                                  28                                          S. Johnson
Race for Tunis                           Frank Chadwick                 GDW                                            5                                             R. Berg
Raid on Richmond                   Keith Poulter                      3W                                                3                                             R. Berg
Rebel Yell                                  Rick Dengel                        Homegrown Designs               7, 18                                     D. Powell
Rebels & Redcoats                   Chris Cummins                  Decision/Overlord                   17                                          R. Berg
Red Baron                                   Bill Koff                              Emperor's Press                        7                                             R. Berg
Red Christmas                           Dave Chapel                       Thunderhaven Press                 7                                             D. Fox
Red Parachutes                          Brian Knipple                    Avalanche Press                       22                                          C. Gruber
Red Steel                                     Mike Bennighof                Avalanche Press                       27                                          U. Blennemann
Reinforce the Right                 Joe Miranda                        Decision/S&T #180                24                                          R. Berg
Ring of Fire                               John Desch                         MiH                                              16                                          S. Johnson
Rise of the Luftwaffe               Dan Verssen                        GMT                                             13                                          D. Fox
Rocroi                                         Nicholas Stratigos            Vae Victis #11                          24                                          D. Fox
Roman Civil War                     Joe Miranda                        S&T #156 [Decision]              8                                             R. Berg
Rossyia 1917                            François Thomas               Azure Wish                                 24                                          R. Berg
Roup                                            Ron Porter                           Planet-3                                      9                                             R. Berg
Royalists & Roundheads        Rob Markham                    3W                                                3                                             R. Berg
Royalsts/Rndheads III            Rob Markham                    3W                                                11                                          R. Berg
Run Silent, Run Deep              Michael Smith                   3W                                                13                                          D. Schueler
Russo-Turkish War                  Joe Miranda                        S&T #154 [Decision]              8                                             C. Gruber
Sagunto                                       J.L.Arcon-Dominguez     SimTac (Spain)                         12                                          Berg/Polonka
Saipan                                         Erich Faust                          S&T #162 [Decision]              11                                          C. Gruber
Salvo!                                          Michael Smith                   3W                                                8                                             D. Schueler
Samurai                                       Berg & Herman                  GMT                                             23                                          Siggins, Leggat, Gruber
San Martino                               R. Bruschi                           IES                                                7                                             R. Berg
Sands of War                              Frank Chadwick                 GDW                                            3                                             R. Berg
Schlieffen Plan                         David Schroeder                 Decision                                     27                                          S. Johnson
Scratch One Flat Top               Pete Bertram                       3W                                                8                                             T. Rooker
Semper Fi                                   Lee Forester                        The Gamers                                28                                          C. Gruber
Serenissima                               Erhard and Vitale               Eurogames                                  26                                          R. Berg
Settlers of Catan                       Klaus Teuber                       Mayfair Games                          23                                          R. Berg
Seven Days Battles                  Rob Markham                    Decision                                     8                                             R. Berg
Seven Years’ War                     Joe Miranda                        S&T #163 (Decision)              12                                          R. Berg
Shenandoah: Valley of Fire   Rob Markham                    JPW/Pacific Rim                      15                                          D. Fox
Shogun Triumphant                 Richard Berg                       Command #23 [XTR]              10                                          J. Leggatt
Six Days of Glory                    Kevin Zucker                      Clash of Arms                           26                                          J. Burtt
Sky, Sea and Jungle                 Lou Coatney                       Lou Coatney                              28                                          S. Johnson
Smithereens                               Ty Bomba                            XTR                                              9                                             A. Maly
Solferino                                    R. Bruschi                           IES                                                7                                             R. Berg
Speed of Heat                             J.D. Webster                       Clash of Arms                           6                                             R. Kasten
Spires of the Kremlin              Joe Youst                             3W                                                22                                          C. Gruber
SPQR                                           Herman and Berg               GMT                                             6                                             D. Spangler
SS: Panzer                                  John Desch                         XTR/Command #?                    21                                          R. Berg
Stalingrad Pocket                     Yamazaki and Essig          The Gamers                                5                                             J. Burtt
Stalingrad Pocket II                 Dean Essig                          The Gamers                                21                                          S. Johnson
Stonewall at Cedar Mtn          Hampton Newsome           Ivy Street Games                      27                                          R. Berg
Stonewall in the Valley          Joe Balkoski                      Avalon Hill                                18                                          M. Herman
Stonewall's Way                       Joe Balkoski                      Avalon Hill                                5                                             R. Berg
Strike North                               Bunch of people                XTR/Command #39                 24                                          R. Berg
Successors                                  Gary and Neil Graber        S&T #161 [Decision]              10                                          R. Berg
Successors                                  Richard Berg                       Avalon Hill                                27                                          S. Kosakowski
Sun Never Rises                        Joe Miranda                        Decision                                     28                                          J. Burtt
Tahiti                                           Kevin McPartland             3W                                                17                                          R. Berg
Take the High Ground             Walter Drury                       Crown Tactics                           6                                             R. Berg
Tank Commander                     Desch & U.Blennemann                          MiH                                       23                                                 S. Johnson
Tarawa                                         Mark Seaman                      3W                                                5                                             D. Fox
TCS System                               Dean Essig, et al.              The Gamers                                24                                          P. McCord
Tet '68                                         Joe Miranda                        Command #17 [XTR]              6                                             R. Berg
Thapsos                                      Bill Banks                           GameFix #1                               15                                          R. Berg
The ‘45                                        Geoff Geddes                       Decision                                     22                                          C. Vasey
The Alamo                                  Eric Lee Smith                    Decision/SPI                             18                                          J. Caparua
The Alma                                    Rob Markham                    3W                                                14                                          R. Berg
They Met at Gettysburg          Peter Perla                           Spearhead Games                      24                                          D. Fox
Thirty Years’ War                     Joe Miranda                        Decision/S&T #?                      20                                          R. Berg
This Hallowed Ground             Frank Zenau                        Xeno Games                               14                                          M. Herman
Three Days of Gettysburg      Richard Berg                       GMT                                             20                                          R. Markham
Thunderbolt/Apache Ldr         Dan Verssen                        GMT                                             5                                             J.D. Webster
Tide of Fortune                          John Schettler                    3W                                                10                                          C. Gruber
Tigers in the Mist                    Ray Freeman                       Ray Freeman Designs             25                                          C. Gruber
To Make Georgia Howl!         Rob Markham                    Pacific Rim                                11                                          C. Gruber
Tomorrow the World II           Ty Bomba                            XTR/Command #48                 28                                          P. McCord
Trajan                                          Joe Miranda                        S&T #145 [Decision]              1                                             R. Berg
Triumphant Fox                        Dirk Blennemann              MiH                                              14                                          D. Fox
Troina                                          Brian Knipple                    Pacific Rim                                10                                          R. Berg
Tunisia                                        Dean Essig                          The Gamers                                18                                          R. Berg
Tunisia, 1943                            Theophile Monnier          Vae Victis #1                             16                                          R. Berg
Turning the tables                    Dirk Blennemann              MiH                                              28                                          R. Winslow
Twilight’s Last Gleaming      Joe Miranda                        Decision/S&T #184                26                                          J. Burtt
Typhoon                                     Vance von Borries            GMT                                             19                                          C. Gruber
VI Against Rome                      John Sutcliffe                     3W                                                15                                          Henderson/Berg
Victory in Normandy              Ben Knight                         XTR                                              8                                             Berg and Maly
Victory in the West, 1940     Dave Ritchie                       GMT                                             12                                          G. Pearson
Vittoria 1813                            Denis Gabriel                     Vae Victis #12                          25                                          D. Fox
War for the Motherland          Masahiro Yamazaki          Rampart                                      10                                          D. Fox
War for the Union                    Rob Beyma                         Clash of Arms                           6                                             Fox and Berg
War of the Rebellion               Berg, Southard, Bridges                                        Decision                              13                                                 P. Perla
Wargame Guide                         Tom Slizewski                   Panzer Press                               11                                          R. Berg
Wave of Terror                          John Desch                         XTR/Command #41                 25                                          C. Gruber
We the People                           Mark Herman                      Avalon Hill                                12                                          A. Maly
Westfront                                   Craig Besinque                   Columbia                                    6                                             M. Pitcavage
When Eagles Fight                  Ted  Raicer                           XTR/Command #25                 13, 14                                   C. Gruber
When Tigers Fight                   Dean Webb                          XTR/Command #26                 13                                          R. Berg
White Eagle East                      Kane and Cummins           S&T #156 [Decision]              8                                             C. Gruber
White Ensign, Rising Sun     Jack Greene                         MiH                                              28                                          A. Hooper
Williamsburg 1862                 Hampton Newsome           Ivy Street Games                      28                                          R. Berg
Winter War                                 Gary Stagliano                   GR/D                                            7                                             J. Burtt
World in Flames (Complete) Harry Rowland                   ADG                                             20                                          O. Sogard
WWII: PTO                                 Doug Niles                          TSR/SPI                                      6                                             G. Moody
Yarmuk                                        McGrath & Smith              XTR/Command #45                 27                                          R. Berg
Yom Kippur                               Sandrick and Essig            The Gamers                                18                                          M. Herman
Zama                                            Larry Baggett                     S&T #153 [Decision]              6                                             R. Berg
Zaparozhye 1943                     Masahiro Yamazaki          Six Angles #1                           16                                          R. Berg
Zitadelle                                      Masahiro Yamazaki          3W                                                4                                             P. Dangel

[c] = A computer game                                                           

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  1. By my reckoning, I was tied for 9th on the list of guest reviewers (and 8th if we include my ghosting of my ex-wife) and wrote one of two computer game reviews...

    Rvs Rvwr
    150 Berg
    37 Gruber
    22 Johnson
    21 Fox
    10 Herman
    8 Burtt
    6 Maly
    5 Pearson
    5 Lemick
    4 Vasey
    4 Perla
    4 Kasten