Friday, November 19, 2010

TV Spokespeople

I was lugging my day away the other day, letting the TV dull my synapses, when I started paying attention to the spokespeople ads use to pitch their product. Now the geico gekko is fun, and most of us love Max the Pig, but some spokies are so annoying you wonder why they were chosen. Take the jerk pitching, I think it is. Nationwide Insurance.  I wouldn't buy water in the desert from that public putz. Is it me, or do you think its purposeful?

The insurance ads certainly run the gamut of intelligence . . . from those great animals Travelers uses all the way over the intelligent equator to the folks who sell cheapo car insurance.

And whatever happened to that guy who sold that sham-wow stuff?

Who are your favorites (and otherwise)?

Or do you think this is simply a non-issue and you want to talk about what a slug Joe Miller is . . .



  1. The Sham Wow dude died...

  2. He did? He was rather young . . . tragic, even if he was a bit annoying. What shuffled him off the mortal coil?

  3. Sham-Wow didn't die. He was arrested for domestic violence.

  4. Tried to buff his "partner" with a sham-wow, huh . . .

  5. "Domestic violence" with a hooker - she bit him in the mouth and he had to beat her up to get her to let go! Very weird.

  6. Does lend depth to the adjective, "toothsome", do it not?